Double Rock & Belmont Park Pavilions

Pavilions are now open at 100% capacity

Rocks Pavilion at Double Rock Park & Both Pavilions at Belmont Park
50 people MAXIMUM
$190 for 7 hour rental period
(any 7 hours between 10am & 7pm)

Rich and Alex Pavilions at Double Rock Park
75 people MAXIMUM
$190 for 7 hour rental period
(any 7 hours between 10am & 7pm)

Bell Pavilion at Double Rock Park
30 people MAXIMUM
$154 for 5 hour rental period
Rental hours are 2pm-7pm ONLY

All reservations are now available online through Stone Alley. 

There is a NO REFUND policy.

Putty Hill Pavilion is first come first serve pavilion.
We do not rent this pavilion due to fact there are

Pavilion Information

  1. No electricity at any of our pavilions

  2. Reservations will be canceled immediately if payment is returned due to insufficient funds or other notification from the banking instiution.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are allowed at Double Rock Park and Belmont Park.  It is limited however to beer and light wine. No hard liquor or keg beer is allowed. Must stay within the pavilion.  Can not take to parking lot.

  4. No moonbounces allowed on any Baltimore County property.

  5. Pavilions have park grills available for use.  These are for charcoal-type fires only.  You may also bring your own charcoal-type grill.  No open fires of any type are permitted inside or outside the pavilions.  Propane-type grills are not permitted.

  6. Playing of softball in designated areas is permitted as long as the field is available for use.  Park attendant will assign diamonds and settle and dispute regarding the use of the softball fields.  His/her decision is final.  No group is allowed to use the field for more than one hour if other groups are waiting.

  7. You are expected to clean up your debris and dispose of it into the county provided trash cans.  

  8. No loud or amplied music.  If you are told more than once to turn your music down your permit will be terminated immediately and you will be required to vacate the property.

  9. Only park in designated parking areas.  Parking on grass or in no parking zones is not allowed.  Your car could be ticketed.  Any damage made to grassy areas due to pavilion parking will be the renters responsiblity.

  10. Please note that none of the pavilions at Double Rock Park or Belmont Park have electricity.  Generators are not allowed in the park.  Please plan accordingly.

  11. Restrooms are only open with rental of pavilion.  

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