Volleyball - Women's League

Monday Night Women's Volleyball League

The Monday Night Women's Volleyball League has been part of Parkville Recreation Council since 1976.
The League relocated in 1977 to Parkville High School where it has seen growth from 5 teams to as many as 12 teams.
Games are competitive and alot of fun.

There are two sessions each year, the fall session starts in September and ends in December, followed by a spring session that starts in January and ends in April. 

Teams with a minimum of 7 players are welcome to join our league for either the first, second or both round of competitive play. Individual players seeking to join a team may attend the first two weeks of practices to determine if teams have any openings.

Fees are $55.00 per player per sessions or $100 per year.

Playoffs are held (time permitting) at the end of each session with prizes given out to the winning team.


All registration information can be found at Stone Alley


Chairperson - Emily Berman

Email - parkvillewomensvb@gmail.com

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